The Danish Centre of Health & Insurance

The Danish Centre of Health & Insurance (Health & Insurance) is an independent association specialized in advising insurance companies and pension funds on the subject of medical appraisals in connection with the underwriting of personal insurance.

Health & Insurance helps ensure that as many proposers as possible with health issues may be offered insurance at terms based on adequate medical and statistical information.

The Centre draws up guidelines for the assessment of substandard health risks. The Centre continues to update and develop these in order to incorporate the latest medical achievements and statistics. Specialists working with sundry fields of medicine are associated with Health & Insurance and participate in the individual assessment of the proposer's health.

Health & Insurance's expertise is based on information and statistics collected during the medical assessment of more than a quarter of a million proposers through more than 30 years.

Denmark is a fairly small country with a homogeneous population in relation to medical incidences and treatment. Health & Insurance instigates and participates in Danish prognostic studies and projects aimed at updating and developing the knowledge database on which the guidelines are based. The studies are carried out in close cooperation with doctors, therapists and institutions.

Health & Insurance enables the insurance industry to stay abreast of the developments of medical science and the health of the population.

Furthermore medical consultants are associated with the Centre.